Danger Zone Stables

Dan-ger Zone! *Clap clap clap* Dan-ger Zone!


A perennial lower-rung stable, Danger Zone has been active on Solaris for a little over five years, thus far with no major tournaments, notable hires, or great accomplishments under their belt, beyond having survived the relentless meatgrinder of the lower circuits for nearly three times as long as the average pop-up stable.

Solaris VII founded and owned, Danger Zone started as a small cooperative of pilots pooling their money and mechs to try and make it out of the ‘zero league’ of barely-sanctioned bottom-rung fights. Especially notable in that the vast majority of their initial founders were Industrialmech pilots, the cooperative was moderately successful and managed to parly that initial success into a handful of light mechs, which became the ground floor of the Stable as it stands today. Though none of those original founding pilots are still alive – either dying in the arena or from health complications beyond – their spirit – and generally eclectic mix of weight classes and styles – lives on in Danger Zone to this day.

Painted in the bright yellow-and-black of industrial heavy machinery as a nod to their origins, Danger Zone is finally on the cusp, perhaps, of establishing itself as something more than ‘just another stable’ after a very successful previous season – observers note that, with their current crop of fresh hires – including a few hot talents already making known names for themselves – Danger Zone seems to be putting their eye on breaking in full into the middle circuit, and maybe beyond.

Currently owned and operated by Hector “Wild Greek” Keppler, an ex-mercenary and proud naturalized Solarian who hung up the spurs nearly thirty years ago (who bought the stable on the dying wishes of the last surviving founder), only time will tell if the ambitions that led to Danger Zone’s founding will ever come to full fruition.


Season 1 Record – W/L/D
3 : 3 : 0

Pilot Deaths: 0
Mechs Unrecoverable: 1
Special Events Won: 0
Season Tournaments Won: 0

Danger Zone Stables

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