King of the Scrapyard

Quickly becoming the signature event of The Scrapyard arena, the "King of the Scrapyard" Ironman Tournament is a byword for mech brutality. The brainchild of Jessica Rowsh, the Scrapyard's current owner, the KotS tournament draws the brave, desperate, and violent to the arena for a series of intense one-on-one duels, after which no repairs or medical treatments are allowed if they wish to proceed. 


Entrants: 8 Stables may enter 1 mech each. No alternates are allowed for mechs or pilots.

Match Type: All matches will be held as 1-on-1 competitions

Allowed Units: Mechs of 50 – 75 tons ('heavy' Mediums and all Heavy mechs)

Arena: All matches will be held in The Scrapyard A, B or C – configuration will be randomly determined before each match.

Special Conditions: Double Blind, Chance of Rain, and no repairs or medical treatments are allowed between matches. A pilot who fights three rounds in a row gains +1 CP. Ammo reloads – if the part of the mech with the ammo bays is still functional – are permitted.

Payout: 4 Million C-Bills per Match


  • A mech must be able to leave the arena under its own power in order to proceed – (a mech that wins a fight with a destroyed gyro has 'won' but is considered a double knockout. Mechs with damaged-but-'working' gyros or only one leg can, hypothetically, continue, but do so at tremendous disadvantage.)
  • Stables may choose not to proceed into the next round, giving their opponent a bye in the bracket. Mechwarriors given a bye in this way are not eligible for the +1 CP, but the Stable DOES receive the 4 Million match payout as normal, and a telling advantage for the next round. A Stable that pulls out before a match does not recieve the pay for it. A stable that DOES take the pay and immediately punches out will be soundly, constantly mocked for their cowardice for the rest of the Season and beyond.

King of the Scrapyard

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